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Effective asset maintenance management is an on-going challenge, which needs aligning operations to corporate strategy & controlling costs, hence creating the requirement for effective asset maintenance management.

The MIMSYS asset maintenance module can be used to manage the maintenance activity for equipments and components. Maintenance and Asset Managers can quickly discover actionable insights to improve asset and maintenance practices by specifying maintenance budget on SLA and maintenance orders and track and manage asset availability and performance along with asset breakdown analysis to ensure work tasks are managed more efficiency.

Key Features

  • Extensive configuration settings.
  • Built on Award winning World Class Sage 300 ERP SDK platform.
  • Robust security based on international standards.
  • Multi-tier and scalable architecture.
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server & Oracle.
  • Integrates with Accounts Payable module of Sage 300 ERP and creates vendor invoice for every service Level Agreement Invoices.
  • Keeps tracks of all the payments made in Accounts Payable module of Sage 300 ERP with respect to every service level agreement invoices.
  • Integrates with Accounts payable module and creates vendor invoice for work entry if required.
  • Provision to integrate and fetch the employee detail from MIMSYS Payroll system.
  • Provision to integrate and fetch all the asset details from MIMSYS fixed asset management system.
  • Work entry Integrates with Inventory control module of Sage 300 ERP and generated Internal usage transaction for the parts that are used for maintenance.
  • Work entry integrates with PO module of sage 300 ERP and generated purchase requisition transaction for the Parts if the parts are not in stock.

Maintenance Register and SLA Management

  • Facility to define the service terms in service level agreement including maintenance activities for equipments with a vendor. Create maintenance budget for a SLA.
  • Facility to assign notification template to a SLA to generate alerts for equipment maintenance.
  • Facility to set up components for equipments.
  • Facility to assign multiple meters to equipment and component to track the equipment usage with specific the payment criteria to include conditional maintenance.
  • Facility to define Warranty, Manufacturer/Vendor details, Subcontracting Vendor details and setup Rentals equipment details. Facility to display the asset details like type of asset, asset category, group, location, asset department, manufacturer of the asset, life of asset, asset value and asset acquired date, insurance details etc.
  • Maintain Hazardous Precaution details by equipment.
  • Documents function to establish relationships between drawings and equipment, to include scanned documents stored in a document manager.

Maintenance Director Desktop

  • Facility to track and manage asset availability to analyze performance across the entire Asset Lifecycle.
  • Financial Distribution Statistics by Employee, Model, etc.
  • Facility to analyze schedule adherence of Work Orders.
  • Facility to highlight overdue Work Orders by pending Work Orders that have passed the required date.
  • Facility to analyze Work Order completion by the time between the start and finish of work orders.
  • Compare real-time budgets or estimates against actual expenditure.
  • Facility to analyze work order status movements based on certain milestone dates.
  • Facility to analyze breakdowns against planned and unplanned maintenance, type of breakdown and the total downtime.
  • Facility to analyze work order costing by identifying work orders that have actual spent significantly higher than budget.
  • Work bench for easy approval and closing of Work Orders.
  • Accident reporting.

Asset Custodian Management

  • Facility to assign the asset to a custodian and tag Type of Use and Custody Type.
  • Facility to enter the start date and end date of the custodian who has handled the asset in that period.
  • Log and view complaint details for your assets.

Preventive Maintenance Management

  • Scheduled, Conditional and Interval Based Preventative Maintenance, including Budgeting, Tasks & Activities, and Labor & Parts Requirements calculated in advance.
  • Generate PM work orders individually, batched or automatically.
  • Facility to display the last maintenance date, scheduled maintenance date, etc.
  • Facility to display the history of maintenance.
  • Facility to enter comments on each maintenance.
  • Preventive maintenance based on Date, Count/Meter reading or Kilometer.

Asset breakdown & Complaint Management

Complaint Management includes Complaint Entry, Complaint Review, Complaint Routing Batch List, and Complaint Workload & Complaint Status.

  • Facility to register a Complaint with brief description of the problem.
  • Facility to schedule the work.
  • Breakdown and preventive maintenance activities must be clubbable
  • Facility for maintenance staff to view their workload.
  • Daily run log with quick access to Work Orders
  • Facility for asset custodian and department head to view their complaint status.
  • Facility for the Departments to acknowledges the receipt of the asset and record the asset condition. Maker checker on work order closure
  • Facility for job planning, labor scheduling, response tracking, escalation management and asset dispatch.
  • Ability to create incidents as theft, breakage due to negligence, breakage through non negligence etc.
  • Facility to record instructions and notations.
  • Failure code to record equipment problems for analysis.
  • Maintaining External repair details.
  • Facility to record Problems, Causes and Remedies and thus build a solution knowledge base.

Maintenance Order & Costing

  • Facility to validate maintenance order against defined the maintenance activities for equipments with a vendor.
  • Facility to create annual budgets for maintenance.
  • Facility to assigns maintenance resource for maintenance work order.
  • Facility to record meter reading for assets like copiers.
  • Set up and use templates for common billing options.
  • Facility to create maintenance expense entry against maintenance order.
  • Facility to expense approval management for asset maintenance order.
  • Facility to create maintenance Requisitions and Purchase Orders.

Asset Tracking

The Asset Tracking module helps to keep track of the asset status and location works with a variety of barcode scanning device.

  • Maintain asset barcode information in asset register.
  • Generate 2D barcode for the asset.
  • Print asset label with barcode printer.
  • Use asset label to identify asset unit.
  • Serialized Tracking of Equipment.
  • Facility to download asset information to the barcode scanner device.
  • Facility to audit asset information by uploading the asset information from the barcode scanner device.
  • Create Inspection from previous Inspection log.


This sub-module manages linen usage in an organization. The system keeps track of linen transfers between laundry and locations, allows custom pricing control for difference range of services, handles linen transfers quickly and efficiently in order to have systematic operations.

Main features

  • Linen Master
  • Linen Initial Stock
  • Facility to Track Linen Usage across Locations
  • Facility to transfer Linens to Laundry
  • Facility to track Linens in Wash
  • Facility to report condemned Linens
  • Custom pricing control for services

Task Management

This sub-module involves planning, testing, tracking and reporting of tasks. Task management can help managers to schedule, track and assign tasks, or groups of individuals to track and execute a specific task assigned to them.

Main features

  • Defining of detailed list of Tasks
  • Facility to define if the Task is a routine inspection or an actual task which is to be performed.
  • Assigning a Task specific to Functional Group
  • Assigning of Task to multiple Employees
  • Scheduling of Task on Annual, Half yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, Intervals and Hourly basis
  • Technician Specific View of Assigned Tasks with Status – Pending, Completed, Deferred
  • Alerts to Technicians on assigning of Tasks
  • Automated Escalations if Tasks not performed in expected completion time.

Work Entry

Work Entry is created for a specific Work Order. It also has the following.

  • Facility to view maintenance expense entry against maintenance order.
  • Facility to view and verify the Maintenance check list.
  • Facility to generate Gate Pass when asset is sent out of the organization for repair.
  • Facility to attach all sorts of related paper work/documents.
  • Facility to record Problem, Cause and Remedy
  • Facility to link with Sage accounts if Work is done Off-site

Maintenance Register and SLA Management
Asset Director Desktop
Asset Custodian Management
Preventive Maintenance Management
Asset Breakdown & Complaint Management
Task Management
Maintenance Order & Costing
Maintenance Accounting Process
Asset Tracking Module

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MIMSys offers business access products such as HR and Payroll and asset management built on SAGE ACCPAC ERP SDK. MIMSys is also a SAGE CRM Development Partner and offers very innovative product on the SAGE CRM Platform.

MIMSys also offers visually appealing apps on handheld devices.


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