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MIMSYS LIMS ERP Core Laboratory Information Management System

MIMSYS LIMS ERP is the clinical laboratory information system for independent and hospital based medical laboratories.

MIMSYS LIMS ERP manages Patient information, Insurance, Billing, order entry, specimen collection, specimen acceptance and specimen processing, result entry and result authorization. MIMSYS LIMS ERP support a multiple of center options, such as Referral Labs, Collection Centers and on-line web portal and service center. Processing is simplified by interactive alerts and notifications guiding the user and speeded-up result entry methods such as barcode readers

Specimens are processed according to customizable work lists, based on user-defined parameters and display preferences. Specimens can be automatically labeled, assigned tests, split, sent to relevant stations and workbenches, and reused to maximize productivity

MIMSYS LIMS ERP interfaces with hundreds of automatic analyzers. Our interface engine can automatically send and receive the Test details, Patient Information and results. The Test Results can be manually entered and authorized manually or automatically using rule-based logic. User-friendly result entry enhanced by powerful cross-referencing of delta checks and patient history.

Result delivery is to user-defined media and can be customized, tracked and controlled by sophisticated user-defined distribution policies.

MIMSYS LIMS ERP modules integrate seamlessly, with quality control tests can be performed from work stations MIMSYS LIMS ERP Quality Control, pathologist’s access relevant patient data.

Pathology Module

MIMSYS LIMS ERP is designed to address the needs of Pathology, Cytology and Histopathology laboratories. It integrates test procedures and handles all work stages from work item generation and labeling, to inspection, result entry and storage. MIMSYS LIMS ERP result entry supports easy configurable parameters and electronic sign off. The reporting format enables adding electronic images, any document for the specimen, and supports addendums and amendments while logging changes. There are pre-defined management reports and facilities for creating customized reports.

MIMSYS LIMS ERP fully supports ICD9, LOINC coding systems, as well as cassette and slide labelers.

Microbiology Lab Module

MIMSYS LIMS ERP contains a full suite of advanced tests for Microbiology laboratory. It easily builds any desired computerized flowchart to handle the lab's numerous complicated and dynamic processes. Using elaborate ABST (Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing)panel testing capabilities based on an extensive formula, automatic internal & external comments rules, tests recording the results of work stages. MIMSYS LIMS ERP has configurable organism and antibiotic, automatic identification of organisms and recommendations for antibiotic. User can release multiple preliminary result when the specimen in incubation stage. MIMSYS LIMS ERP can be integrate with any special microbiology equipment to enable the laboratory for complete automation.

Blood Bank Module

MIMSYS LIMS ERP provides a comprehensive solution for the blood bank's extremely sensitive and highly-regulated transfusion services environment. It encompasses two modules within one integrated package: a Transfusion Services Management Module and a Donation Management System. These cover all stages from donation acquisition, through patient testing and product processing, to crossmatch and actual issue, including transfusion reaction follow-up and inventory handling. To maximize blood safety, all actions are documented and an audit trail of users' activity is kept, with an emphasis on user error prevention and detection.

MIMSYS LIMS ERP fully supports label generation and barcode-based work throughout the system, including labeling verification and code typing check algorithms. It supports regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, while fully complying with standards such as HL7 and international ISBT128.

Quality Control Module

MIMSYS LIMS ERP Quality Control automates and enforces lab quality control procedures to ensure result accuracy. It combines ongoing internal QC and harmonization with specialist external QC programs, analyzing patient results averages and applying predefined user rules in accordance with lab and manufacturer target values.

Fully integrated with MIMSYS LIMS ERP,automatically extracts QC results from analyzer interfaces and issues alerts or flags based on QS status, including preventing automatic confirmation of results. It includes the ability to use live patient results as an ongoing control and can analyze daily average, median and standard deviations on live patient results and live results’ distribution graphs.

MIMSYS LIMS ERP Quality Control provides complete support for all standard graphs such as Levy-Jennings, Simultaneous multiple graph views (cross control, cross analyzer, etc.) enable easy comparisons, and filters can be set to allow lab managers to quickly isolate problems. A flexible documentation mechanism traces analyses, corrective actions, instruments status, logs, comments, or other instrument related activity.

MIMSYS LIMS ERP Quality Control supports internationally recognized standards Westguard rules

Secure Web Access

MIMSYS LIMS ERP provides a secure and reliable tool for remote web-based access to laboratory data. Physicians located at clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, as well as laboratory managers, service centers and lab sales people, can perform operations such as results retrieval and online generation of reports. Seamless integration with the laboratory system provides immediate results access and tracking of client access to data.


MIMSYS Clinical LIMS is CAP compliant (College of American Pathologists) and is a configurable application expanding user capability for searches/reviews of orders and results, providing on-line sample tracking system with a quick response time.

The scope of modules includes Laboratory ERP, Specimen Collection, Result Validation, Vendor Lab Manager, Audit and Billing & Contract Management.

  • Security is role based which is required for HIPAA compliance.
  • Provides quantifiable improvements in workflow efficiency and cost-per test reductions in a wide variety of clinical laboratory environments.
  • Provides power full rules based system for implement patient results to the physicians in exactly the manner requested by the physician.
  • Provides a complete audit track for each stage of sample.
  • Configurable Insurance coverage.
  • Provides an end to end solution from patient registration to Balance sheet.
  • Configurable Lab Procedures
    • User defined lab test rules.
    • User defined billing procedures.
    • Automatic Test schedule/Report date calculation.
  • Connectivity
    • Bi-directional interface to lab equipment. (RS232 or TCP/IP).
    • HL7 Support.
  • Patient Safety
    • Patient care highest important.
    • Improves efficient while reducing errors ensuring accurate results.
  • Workflow
    • Easy configurable workflow to fit into your facility unique environment.
    • Eliminating tedious manual entry.
  • Data Integrity and security
    • Build on most trusted technology SAGE 300 ERP SDK.
    • Supports SQL Server/Oracle database.
Pathology Module
Microbiology Module
Blood Bank Module
Quality Control Module
Secure Web Access

Healthcare LIS

  1. Baptist Hospital (with web portal reporting)
  2. Ajman General Specialty Hospital (LIS)
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MIMSys also offers visually appealing apps on handheld devices.


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